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Deradicalising Gaza

Remoaning: the utter stupidity of clever people

British Values

Vegas: Hotel

The meta-existence of God

Vegas: The Street

The NHS can be fixed

Waiting Room

A Tribe of Barbary Apes

Pro Birmingham And Contra HMG

The Big Bust

The mass media are warped as a barley twist

Censorship is deadly

Lions and donkeys

Legal Trumpery

Batten the Hatches!

Cock-a-knee Rebels

EU and Maui: Burning Issues

Why Inflation Must Be Killed

Affairs are now soul size

Booze Boosts Budgets

ULEZ and the Poll Tax

Inflation and pay claims

Julian Assange: a letter to the Home Secretary

Russia's ruin, and our own

War Madness

Not So Smart

Liberal Totalitarians

Turning Things Around

Fighting The Octopus

No To Left-Wing Declinism!

Partygate: Mixed Feelings

Wannabe Dictators

Boris and the divided house

Who will guard the Guardian?

Tories: The Party's Over

Asian Wedding

The Beauty-Utility Grid

The Persistence Of Memory

UK debt and the sword of Damocles

Greece's Vampire Squid Rings

The Darling Buds of Freedom

Greece's New Democracy

Out pops the cloven hoof


Should young people be allowed to vote?

Voting: the numbers game

Pliss, vot iss it, zis voting?

Fatal Traction: How Bad Ideas Gain Currency In Government

What democracy?

What George Galloway doesn't get about the Coronation

That EU Nobel Peace Prize

FACT: dragons really do exist

The post-human world

What is the EU for ?

The struggle for liberty

A snapshot from 2009

Emergency Alert

I burned my mother-in-law's teeth

Kill people and save money

Those evil, greedy doctors!

You, too, can be an Oxford professor !

Cars - a liberty issue

Transgender: a red herring?

Fake freedom: alcohol, tobacco and gambling

Monbiot v Brand - the sound-off test

Brexit, EU, Russia, Greece - prophecies

That UK Trans-Pacific Partnership deal

Car bans vs planning for freedom

Edward Darling, the Nature Man


PandeMIC: the enemy above

Book-burning in postwar Britain

Fake freedom: transport

Hendrix's 'Hey, Joe''s musical roots

The Crash: Everything Everywhere All At Once

EU-GB - a parallel-universe story

Don't protest, predict

Don't smash the system, rebuild it

Cash for Ukraine: an alternative

The road to freedom begins with the Fourth Estate

No debate, no democracy

TERFS v. trans is old news

Ukraine: the big picture - revisited

Our Dying Rooms

The Church of England falls apart

The magic solution to asylum seekers

Putin the bastard

America: the fractured Republic

Bent history

Wokeism: the madness spreads

AOC, Ilhan Omar and the Cricket Test

The balloon goes up

Baerbock declares war on Russia

BoJo beats the drum

EVs: Blowin' in the wind