The Council of Europe is also toothless, why does she even bother to address them unless grooming them to offer compatible pronouncements.

Right at the start, I think in 2021.01, they stated that vaccine mandates are not legal/constitutional in Europe. Reuters did a fact check on their position and resolved that the Council of Europe is the 'moral compass of Europe' but their proclamations are not legally binding. lol (always wanted to use that tla appropriately)

Basically a tool to promote suitable narratives but to be ignored if they do not conform.

In Finland the public prosecutor gave their opinion on what one of the covid management workgroups in Finland has been saying and agreed with the complaint that they have not been legally constituted and any utterances that they may make/have made only have the value of the member who is speaking in their personal official capacity. Some of the members have very little capacity. Many of their pronouncements may have been simply opinion. Grrr.

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Thanks for your informative comment. The Council appears to be one of those fora that make noises to condition the political culture. We're back to considering where legitimate power comes from.

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